Digestive Health Remedy:

150 million Americans have digestive problems;
this is eating healthy or unhealthy, low enzyme levels and gas with bloating.

Why it’s important to listen to your stomach is that gut health is the source for how healthy we are as a whole.

The healthier your gut, the less likely you are to suffer from allergies, depression, acne, cancer, autoimmune disease, eczema, dementia, autism, obesity and diabetes just to name a few.

You're finally at that point in your life where you're dead set on eating healthy. You start it with all the salads, fruits, fewer sugars and carbs, basically the works. Then after some time giving the healthy foods their chance, you don't really notice THAT much of a difference

What this comes down to is how healthy your digestive system is and if your body produces enough enzymes to extract those nutrients from the food you're eating.

This is why something like enzymes and your pancreas are so important to your overall health.

The lower your enzyme levels, the less effective your pancreas is at breaking down essential and vital nutrients. The other side to this is after age 25 our enzyme levels start to decrease in turn increasing our likelihood for various illness and unstable digestive health.

The healthy breakdown of the foods we eat will lead to your overall health improving, not just from the way you feel but to fighting off infections and a stronger immune system. Our body has an eco-system inside of it that requires a healthy balance.

Your gut being healthy is the centerpiece to this equation. For a healthy a gut, the levels of enzymes are needed to be above normal levels to achieve this.

So even if you’re eating healthy, your body isn’t digesting the nutrients it needs to maintain or reach optimal health.

Furthermore, that number increases as we age. There are many ways our enzyme levels become depleted, one of the more common ways this occurs is actually from cooked foods. The more foods we eat that are cooked, the more the healthy nutrients leave those foods.​

1 in 3 people

have lower than normal enzyme levels.


There are many digestive health problem sources but one of the main reasons is 90% of the planet consumes foods that are not raw.

Once food isn’t raw, you force your digestive system to supply the enzymes forcing stress on your gut. The more and more this occurs, the more likely you will find yourself in a situation where a chronic illness is the likeliest of outcomes.

The role of enzymes in this space is they help break down fats, carbs, and proteins and help detoxify alcohol. With lower levels of enzymes in your system, your body will start struggling with the breakdown of those groups. Now you could say you’ve always been lactose intolerant or dealt with IBS but enzymes are even more crucial to people who deal with food imbalances from birth.​

Recognizing you need a change in diet, recognizing enzyme supplementation may help and having an overall awareness of this all is first and major step.

Most digestive problems are a pain to live with but most humans will deal with one form or another of digestive issues by their 30s. Being proactive about is how you can still enjoy the food you like without worrying about the outcome.


Coming back to our point about how you’ve changed your diet yet you don’t feel any noticeable differences in your digestive comfort and ease.

The reasons for this could be down to your diet not focusing so much on elevating your enzyme levels and helping your pancreas. Eating a salad for lunch and chicken breast with steamed veggies for dinner won’t be the magic trick that gets you feeling as close to 100% as possible.

There are certain foods which specifically help the gut, the pancreas and increase your enzyme levels. Having these foods become a part of your daily diet will get you those noticeable changes in your stomach and digestive system you’ve been looking for.

Yogurt, Probiotics and Digestive Health

One of the key pieces to a healthier digestive system, according to leading nutritionists in a Florida university, is introducing healthy bacteria into it. This usually comes in the form of yogurt which has probiotics inside. Probiotics are healthy bacteria which help your gut maintain a balance that doesn’t upset your stomach.

Probiotics have many uses for humans, among them they help treat upset stomachs, gassiness and cramping. Inside your gut lie good bacteria and bad bacteria, both essential to our health. Sometimes our diet will promote the bad bacteria overtaking the good and turning our digestive health equilibrium out of whack.

People dealing with something like lactose intolerance also find the introduction of probiotics into their systems as beneficial. There have also been studies done by German scientists that show the benefits probiotics have on elevating enzyme production in the pancreas. With less a strain on your body’s immune system, your pancreas is relaxed and performs its duties with more ease.

Papaya Enzymes for Digestive Health

Protein is one of the more affluent parts of our diets. Protein can be found in eggs, cheeses, any dairy, meats and fish. With this being one of our staples, the digestion of protein takes the biggest toll on our systems. Since most proteins are ingested more or less cooked, the breakdown of nutrients from these proteins takes a toll on ones pancreas.

This is where something like papaya becomes crucial to our digestive system. Papaya is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes such as caricain, papain, and glycyl endopeptidase. Now those are all a mouth full but what they make up for in terms of human digestion is bar none. Meat in general is one of the harder foods to digest for us. The enzymes papaya provides will benefit this process. Undigested meats are one of the leading causes of discomfort in our bowels.

Fermented Vegetables for Digestive Health

Eating your vegetables is one of those important yet overlooked lessons from our youths. Part of eating healthy and improving your digestive health entails vegetables but to really get the most out of them you need to be eating fermented vegetables.

A recent study done by a university in Chicago noted the high levels of detoxifiers and beneficial bacteria found in fermented vegetables were even greater than those in probiotics. Once again, all this does is help balance your digestive system to the point where no one part is working harder than the other. In this instance, it helps lift the pressure from your pancreas to only focusing on the breakdown of food to its absolute point.

The positive effects this will have on your immune system as well will play off on your digestive system as well. Many people don’t know but your immune system plays a big part in helping your digestive system regulate itself from outside toxins and infections which are carried in the foods you eat. The more you help your immune system, the more enjoyable meals will become.

Bone Broth and Digestive Health

To enjoy the foods we’d like without discomfort, we’ll have to balance in some foods that bring no joy. This is where a bone broth comes in and becomes a part of your routine. With a bone broth, you’re essentially flushing out a lot of harmful things that create the unpleasant indigestible feeling after eating foods you do like. What you can find inside a bone broth is many immune optimizing components which help your gut.

You gut is the place where all the food passes through, and also the place many of the unwanted parts of an unhealthy diet reside as well. A bone broth is vital in taking care of undigested foods, toxins, viruses and yeast. The continual passage of these things leads to inflammatory issues and allergic reactions.

Enzymes are helpless to such things as well because they become so overworked that your enzyme levels get to really low levels. Introduce a bone broth into your diet and you will see the effects of its healing powers on your digestive system. No more food discomfort after eating, no more discomfort in bed and no more uneasy bathroom situations.

Our digestive systems are delicate; they were certainly made for us to look after them instead of neglecting them.

There are ways of enjoying certain cheat foods while not having to worry about the consequences after.

The enzymes in your body are there to help

but they’re going to need help as you age and as our food choices slip from time to time.

Just eating healthy doesn’t cut it anymore.

We need probiotics, we need fermented vegetables, we need papaya enzymes and we need something like a bone broth.

We also need a healthy supplementation of enzymes as well to make sure our guts digest foods fully and gets all the nutrients needed out of them.

Once you start the introduction of these foods into your diet, you’ll see the joy in eating some ice cream without worrying about what happens next. Just like in our gut, a healthy balance is needed for all the things that we do and it’s also needed inside our stomach so we could be able to eat the foods we want.

These are some of the remedies you can take that most doctors won’t tell you about because it’s in their interest to have you coming back. What you know now is that without a proper balance in your gut, you’ll keep having digestion issues and they’ll constantly come back worse each time.

All of the remedies listed above are things you can get on your own and don’t involve any drastic lifestyle changes.

Being healthier, if you weren’t already, is something you should strive for as you get older.

The older you get, the slower your body will break down what it takes in.

It sounds tedious but if you’re looking for a remedy for digestive issues then it should sound like a relief that a doctor isn’t needed for treatment this time. Along those same lines, once you’ve experienced any type of digestive problems, let’s all agree, that no one wants to see them come back, ever again.

Lifestyle changes always come at a price, but when we’re talking about something brings a clean bill of health to your digestive system, it’s worth it.

What this guide to digestive health and all of your online research did alert you to, is that THERE could be a solution to prevention.

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